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Making North Carolina the foremost state to raise a family, do business, achieve dreams, and live is the priority of Truth & Prosperity, Inc.


Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest

Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest

Candidate for Governor

Dan Forest is the leading conservative voice in North Carolina. Whether it is lowering taxes on families and businesses, creating an environment to bring new jobs to our state, protecting the life of the unborn and our religious freedom, Dan Forest is trusted and proven. Dan Forest is a leader committed to making North Carolina the best state to raise a family and do business. Truth & Prosperity, Inc. endorses Dan Forest as the next Governor of North Carolina.

Justice Paul Newby

Justice Paul Newby

Candidate for Chief Justice of North Carolina Supreme Court

Justice Paul Newby is a leading and trusted conservative jurist on the North Carolina Supreme Court. While many jurists today legislate from the bench, Justice Paul Newby is committed to making decisions based strictly on the North Carolina constitution. Truth & Prosperity, Inc. endorses Justice Paul Newby for Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court.


Dan Forest's statement on Gov. Cooper's veto of Senate Bill 250 to Remove Foreign Citizens From Voting Rolls

"If a person tells a judge that they are not a citizen and therefore not able to serve as a juror, they should be removed from our voter rolls. Only citizens should be allowed to vote. Governor Cooper's veto is reckless at a time when so many are concerned about foreign interference with our elections."

Dan Forest Promises to Work with Federal Agents and Detain Illegal Aliens with Criminal History

Dan Forest Knows

Dan Forest for Governor

Posted by Dan Forest on Monday, October 21, 2019

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